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Chairman's Message

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Mr KWAN Kee,
Chairman of the Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association

Welcome to Hong Kong, the Asian world city. We are excited to be the host of the 3rd Asian Youth Athletic Championships. We would like to take this great opportunity to encourage the local athletes to widen their horizons, have an eye-opening experience to compete with the elite athletes from different Asian countries and regions.

Hong Kong is a special city, turning from a fishing port a hundred year ago to a global metropolis which over 7 million people are living in. The unique culture mixed with eastern and western styles in terms of food, buildings, attractions and shopping malls. Hope that you can feel the passion and vitality in this city.

There will be over 30 Asian counties and regions participate in 40 events and more than 450 athletes have already registered. The organizing committee of the event had already formed a year before the event and we hope all the athletes, coaches and officials could have comprehensive care to perform the best in the races. Enjoy the race and see you on race day.